Refit luxury paper completes the Favini range at Unión Papelera

28, June, 2022


After nearly twenty-five years of relationship with the Italian manufacturer favini, comes to Trash Union the new range of ecological papers Refit. It is a luxury paper made from wool and cotton textile waste.

Unión Papelera, through the distribution of Refit, meets the growing demand for premium quality recycled creative papers, with an Up-Cycling philosophy (uprecycling that converts waste into new products).

Refit It is produced with recycled fibers, wool and cotton textile fibers from the residues left by the carding, spinning and weaving processes, and which are reused to produce this new paper of high aesthetic and emotional value. Thus, this new paper includes 15% fiber from textile waste, 40% post-consumer recycled cellulose with FSC® certification and 45% virgin cellulose fiber with FSC® certification. Therefore, it is about 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper.

«Curiously, the remains of wool and cotton are visible on the surface, which gives it a distinctive appearance, and allows to differentiate its two lines, Refit Wool with 15% white wool fibers that give the fingertips a characteristic roughness of the line, and Refit Cotton, with 15% dark cotton fibers that give it a soft touch”, indicates Oriol Llinàs, Responsible for New Developments at Unión Papelera.

The range consists of five colours, Blue and Black for the Refit Wool line, and White, Pearl and Gray for Refit Cotton, and can be found in weights ranging from 120 to 360 g/m². The paper line is complemented by matching envelopes, offering a complete solution for packaging and print communication.


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