The Pixelata project obtains the mention of "Design and citizen participation / UCCI" in the sixth edition of the IDB

January 2, 2019

pixelated is a well-known project that takes as an element of communication and design the recycling of beverage cans that, painted on their base, are transformed into pixels that are placed in a matrix, forming a collaborative mural with an image of powerful communicative discourse. Pixelata has toured in 2018 major cultural and sporting events thanks to the European environmental awareness program on the recycling of beverage cans, Every Can Counts.
The jury of the 6th Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID_18), has awarded the Design and Citizen Participation / UCCI Mention to the photoAlquimia design studio for the Pixelata project out of more than 450 proposals. Pixelata also won two golds last summer in the International Design Awards (IDA Awards 2017) held in Los Angeles, USA, in the Design for Society and Design for Sustainability categories.
For this reason, students from 16 DIMAD collaborating schools created a new design for Pixelata —including structure and graphics— that will remain located at the entrance to the Central de Diseño / DIMAD in Matadero-Madrid, during the months of the exhibition. . In the hands of the photoAlquimia design studio, creator of the Pixelata project, the students worked in this workshop on interesting concepts such as sustainable, participatory design based on circular economy concepts. To do this, they relied on recycled materials, such as beverage cans and cardboard tubes, in order to design and create this new Pixelata / BID_18.
For Pablo García Serrano, director of Cada Lata Cuenta, “this is great news because we see that a project like Pixelata, which is recognized as an instrument of environmental and citizen communication, represents an original design initiative that has already been awarded internationally by the International Design Awards 2017 based in Los Angeles, USA, and now here, in the Ibero-American context of the IDB_18. Each Lata Cuenta is managing to communicate its message of recycling and circular economy through design, where beverage cans are a clear example ”.

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