Packaging recycling grows in Spain and stands at 73,7%

May 4th 2015

Recycling of household packaging in Spain continues to grow and stood at 2014% in 73,7, representing an increase of nearly two percentage points over the previous year. The data presented by Ecoembes, the organization that cares for the environment and promotes sustainability through packaging recycling, shows that the percentage of packaging recycling in Spain has not stopped growing since 1998 and already exceeds the targets by 19 percentage points that marks the EU (55%).

In total, 1.258.602 tons of household packaging were recycled last year in our country, 5,3% more than in 2013 in number of tons, and this was possible thanks to the collaboration of all citizens who participate daily with recycling by taking their containers to the yellow and blue container.
Thanks to these results, the emission of 2014 million tons of CO1,2 into the atmosphere was avoided in 2, as well as the consumption of 3 million MWh and 24,5 million cubic meters of water.
In terms of typology, metal and paper and cardboard containers lead the recycling rates with 83,6% and 81,7%, respectively. On the other hand, those made of plastic reached a rate of 61,4%, which represents an increase of almost five percentage points with respect to 2013.

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