Hinojosa's Energy Efficiency System reinforces the group's commitment to sustainability

April 18th 2018

The Energy Efficiency System for the Improvement of Industrial Plants, which Hinojosa It started to implement in 2017, it closed its first year with very positive results. This three-year plan (2017-2019) aims, among other objectives, for the group's global energy consumption to be reduced by 12%. Within this plan, Hinojosa has carried out an energy audit to optimize the current consumption of the plants and be more efficient in this field, as well as to identify possible elements that should be changed for new, much more sustainable technology.

The exhaustive analysis of the facilities has included since the change of engines for more efficient ones; to the replacement of conventional lighting by LED technology; or the detection and repair of possible air leaks in the compressors. With all this, the audited plants have been optimized, reducing both CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Thus, the initial balance indicates that in the plants in which this system has already been implemented, energy consumption has been reduced very significantly, as is the case, for example, of the Alquería paper mill. According to the calculations of those responsible for the project, the annual savings achieved with this commitment to efficiency and sustainability in this plant alone would be 400.000 euros per year.

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