The 'tuning' reaches the perfumery packaging

March 6th 2017

rafesa, a company specialized in the distribution of packaging for the perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors, is committed to innovative techniques in the customization of standard containers, by a 'tuning' that allows differentiating the perfumery containers.

With this technique, which is worked with four-color applied in screen printing, unique designs are obtained.

It is a system that is incorporated into the world of perfumes and that allows giving added value to containers. The incorporation of photographs following the original colors and the work with gradients stand out among some of its characteristics.

The four-color process also allows you to work with logos and small images, among other design elements. Rafesa has opted for the use of this process to give a better service to its clients, offering them more possibilities of exclusivity. The reduction of costs is another of its strengths, since CMYK colors are used.




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