Emmi, Borealis and Greiner Packaging partner to create recycled PP cups

19, October, 2021

Emmi has partnered with Borealis and Greiner Packaging

The Swiss dairy company Emmi has been associated with Borealis and Greiner Packaging to produce iced coffee drinking cups using chemically recycled polypropylene.

Emmi Caffè Latte, one of the leading brands in ready-to-drink iced coffee in Europe, has started to incorporate chemically recycled polypropylene in their packaging. Greiner Packaging produces the cups and the chemically recycled material comes from Borealis, one of the world's leading providers of circular polyolefin solutions.

In new technology to reclaim polypropylene, Greiner Packaging and Borealis are leading the way. Currently, only limited quantities of chemically recycled polypropylene are available and Emmi is one of the few food manufacturers that has secured a portion of chemically recycled polypropylene plastic.


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