ENOMAQ 2017 exceeds the last edition in figures

January 30, 2017

The next edition of ENOMAQ 2017, to be held from February 14 to 17 organized by Zaragoza Fair, registers positive figures that show the weight of the show for the national and international wine sector: an increase in the number of exhibitors, a larger exhibition area and a higher percentage of technical novelties submitted to the competition. 1.150 brands, which will occupy more than 49.000 square meters of exhibition space at the Aragonese fairgrounds, have confirmed their presence at the event.

La Mancha will be the invited Regulatory Council at ENOMAQ 2017. It is the largest denomination of origin in Spain, with the largest number of hectares of vineyards and production of liters of wine.

La wine, oil and fruit and vegetable industry once again shows its unconditional support for the contest organized by Feria de Zaragoza. With data that, when compared with those of 2015, reflect that ENOMAQ, TECHNOVID, OLEOMAQ, OLEOTEC y FRUIVER they will surpass the previous call in figures. 

Recently distinguished with the internationality certificate granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, ENOMAQ, TECNOVID, OLEOMAQ and OLEOTEC represent an irreplaceable opportunity to strengthen business ties and draw up an international expansion strategy.

Technical news in Enomaq
The ENOMAQ-OLEOMAQ, TECNOVID-OLEOTEC and FRUYVER Technological Innovations contest has distinguished a total of seventeen products or equipment that will be part of the exhibition area of ​​the halls. Of the total distinctions, thirteen belong to products presented within the framework of ENOMAQ-OLEOMAQ and four are part of TECNOVID-OLEOTEC.

The jury of the contest convened by Enomaq-Oleomaq 2017 awarded the name of Technical Novelty to Spanish companies: Agrovin, for Perseo, for the innovation in the application of ultrasound to accelerate the extraction of color from red grapes; Biosystems, for its Enzymatic Kit for the determination of carbon dioxide in wines, facilitating the control in the cellar: Beronesa Bottle, for its Beronesa Bottle for wine, in which the liquid is in permanent contact with the cork in any position; Cork Supply, by DS 100+ and MA Silva & Garzón, by OnebyOne, both are an individualized control system of each cork stopper to classify the stoppers according to their concentration in TCA; Papelera del Ebro, for a cardboard packaging for shipping bottles; Parcitank, for its Beret, a floating lid for conventional tanks that makes the tank always full; Quercus Europe, for the Renaissance Yeast; Rivercap, for Absolute Green Line Capsules; and Talleres Mecánicos Jimeno, for its Automatic Turner. 

The Portuguese company Amorim & Irmaos, by Ndtech, also obtained this denomination, an individualized control system of each cork stopper to classify the stoppers according to their concentration in TCA; the Italian Enomet Impianti, by Galileo, an installation for the recovery of carbon dioxide in fermentation; and the French Pera-Pellenc, by Smart Press, a combination of perforated cage and watertight cage. 

Finally, the jury of the competition convened by Tecnovid-Oleotec-Fruyver 2017 awarded the name of Technical Novelty to the French company Ax, for the Aegis range, the first PPEs specially designed for the agricultural world and reusable up to 15 times; and to Spanish companies: Cartonajes Santorromán, for Till-end, a corrugated cardboard protector for seedlings made with a biodegradable product; Dabayma, by a manual Debrotador that allows to carry out the work without bending; and Ovlac, for an adjustable width Minichisel for vineyards.

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