More sustainable and profitable blister packs

5, October, 2021


Online or on-demand digital printing can significantly reduce material waste and carbon footprint, while dramatically reducing costs, as noted hapa, Swiss company world leader in printing technology and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. At Pharmapack, Hapa will focus on how produce more sustainable and profitable blister packs, with print-on-demand and personalization in the later stages, as well as driving digital transformation in this area.

Material waste can be reduced by more than 70% by switching to print-on-demand or late-stage personalization, eradicating overproduction. The CO2 footprint can be reduced by 80% by eliminating the transport and storage of large quantities of blank or pre-printed aluminum foil, as well as reducing waste disposal. And inventory and pre-printed sheets can be reduced by 90%, minimizing the risk of discarding obsolete or expired production materials.

Hapa has developed highly sophisticated and increasingly standardized calculation methods. They produce accurate forecasts of potential savings. “As an industrial and technological leader, in the last 20 years we have installed a large number of digital printing in the pharmaceutical sector. This is a unique experience. The new generation of Hapa systems is also capable of providing real-time statistics, providing customers with year-after-year contributions to their sustainability goals, ”he explains. Stephan wengi, Hapa sales manager.


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