Paper and cardboard food packaging as a sustainable alternative to plastic

17, October, 2022


Un 80% of products sold in Europe and the United States already use cardboard packaging. Added to this is the forthcoming publication of the Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste, which is causing the food industry to turn its eyes to paper or cardboard as alternative or complementary materials for packaging its products. The different possibilities that exist in formats, machinability, recyclability, as well as the perception of paper by the consumer, are some of the key aspects that have been addressed in the II Conference on Paper/Cardboard Containers for the Food Sector celebrated in Ainia.

On the day, the Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (Aspapel) has offered an overview of the paper industry and how the new packaging and packaging waste legislation affects this type of format. The company Stora Enso has presented its latest innovations in paper/cardboard packaging with differentiated properties.

From Ainia the latest developments in which the center is working have been explained, with the aim of replacing plastic films with more easily recyclable or biodegradable alternatives. For its part, the company Solidus Videcart has exposed, within the concept of circular economy, its paper recycling process and how new packaging for the food sector is manufactured from these papers. 

Likewise, packbenefit He explained the latest trends related to new formats of paper packaging. Finally, the company verdifresh has offered his vision on the transition to paper as a business strategy.


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