Envers Glas by Lumson

June 24th, 2024


After its success with Envers and with Envers Glass, the first airless glass bottle with a bag, lumson releases a new version of Envers Glas, with a renewed silhouette and more sizes. The bottle becomes more stylized and a 40ml format has been added to the existing 50ml, thus expanding the range of applications.

Envers Glas guarantees maximum protection of the formula inside (thanks to airless technology with a bag) and high product performance, as well as being practical to use.

Like all Lumson airless products, Envers Glas has also been designed with recycling and recovery in mind: once the product has been used up, the glass and plastic components can be separated and disposed of properly using the correct recycling method. .

Envers Glas can be decorated both externally and internally with printing technologies ranging from screen printing and hot stamping to metallization and internal lacquering, which perfectly outline the contours of the bottle and emphasize the thickness, depth and beauty of the glass.

Airless and glass

The global airless market, valued at $4.900 billion in 2020, is estimated to reach $8.700 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 4,9% (source: alliedmarketresearch). According to The Packaging Company, the average shelf life of a product can be increased by 15% or more by using an airless. These systems also minimize waste without compromising the integrity of the formulas contained.

In recent years there has been growing interest in alternatives to plastic and glass is one of them. The need for reusable and recyclable packaging has led the market to “rediscover” glass, one of the oldest materials (it was invented 4.000 years ago) and most versatile: it is resistant, recyclable and durable over time, as well as elegant. . If weight remains the biggest obstacle to greater use of glass, research has focused on reducing it to contain greenhouse gas emissions during production, disposal and even during the recycling phase, and in the use of post-consumer glass.

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