Escada Turquoise Summer

March 4th 2015

Escada launched its first limited edition summer fragrance in 1993. Escada Turquoise Summer

Escada launched its first Limited Edition summer fragrance in 1993. Escada Turquoise Summer, the brand's 23rd summer fragrance, is a fun and fruity berry berry sorbet.
From the design of the case and the bottle, Escada Turquoise Summer evokes the freedom of summer. The traditional silhouette of the bottle is presented in a delicate and translucent turquoise color, with the detail of a butterfly inside and another cheerful butterfly adorning it.
The case shows the idea of ​​escaping the routine during the summer through the use of images of flowers and butterflies, along with the recognizable colors of Escada.
This year, Sarah Arnett, fashion illustrator and designer, drew inspiration from the brand's heritage, the bright, fruity fragrance, and memories of summer getaways, to interpret the eye-catching design of Turquoise Summer, merging the brand. Escada rose. With a butterfly in her hair, surrounded by flowers, the protagonist dresses in a feminine long dress of flowers and butterflies, personifying her free spirit.

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