Spain recycles 1,3 million tons of packaging in 2016

May 3th 2017

Spaniards are increasingly aware of the environment according to data from Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that promotes the circular economy by recycling. In 2016, 1.351.903 tons of containers, which represents an increase of 4% compared to the previous year.

A result that raises the recycling rate of packaging managed by Ecoembes to 76%.

By category, metal packaging (soft drink or canned food cans) reached a rate of 2016% in 84,8, paper and cardboard waste 82,3% and recovered plastic packaging 66,5%. All these figures are above the targets set within the European Commission's Circular Economy Package for 2025.

During 2016, an average of 1.081 containers per inhabitant were deposited in the yellow container (plastic containers, cans and cartons) and 628 in the blue container (paper and cardboard containers).

To achieve this, Ecoembes has made recycling easier for citizens. On the one hand, in 2016 the network of yellow and blue containers distributed in Spain increased by 14.782 units. On the other hand, Ecoembes has worked to promote a clean environment at sporting events, festivals, offices and airports, with more than 1.600 collection points; A pilot has also been started in 550 HORECA channel establishments.

Through packaging recycling, savings of 1,3 million tons of raw materials were achieved last year in Spain. Likewise, the impact on the natural environment was reduced in 2016.

Research and education
'TheCircularLab', which will open on May 17, is the first circular economy laboratory in Europe dedicated to the study, testing and development of best practices in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling. It will be located in La Rioja and will involve an investment of 10 million euros over the next four years.

Another key aspect is education. In this sense, the “EducaEnEco School Network” was launched to promote recycling.

All this has been possible thanks to an investment of 437 million euros and an effort to constantly improve the efficiency of the model.

Ecoembes has presented its 2016 results coinciding with the celebration of its 20th anniversary.


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