Estal will present its luxury packaging for the beauty sector at PCD in Paris

January 16, 2017

Estal, a company specialized in premium packaging, will be present at the PCD Packaging Innovation Hub to be held in Paris on January 18 and 19.

Estal will present its solutions for luxury packaging for cosmetic, nutri-cosmetic and perfumery products. Specifically, the company will present the new collection DoubleHigh ® Cosmetic Line, with Allure Dropper and Lumiere Jar. A dropper container to dispense makeup and dosed treatments; and on the other hand, a wide-mouth bottle for treatment or heavy application creams.

Likewise, Estal will exhibit the latest in DobleAlto ® Nutricosmetics Line, with Cure Jar. A design oriented to cosmetics that are ingested for beauty and the satisfaction of well-being. And DobleAlto ® Dietetics & Functional Line, with Elixir Bottle, a refined bottle for diet drinks suitable for the implementation of a healthy active lifestyle.

In addition, they will also show DobleAlto® Perfumery, made up of the Attico, Duomo, Tramo and Compasso models.

The DobleAlto® collection is characterized by its stained glass technique, by having a lower area made up of two parts: a glass bottom (of uniform thickness and parallel to the support surface) and a perimeter wall that increases the height. This double elevation (which acts as a pedestal) increases the facing, uniqueness, presence and perceived quality of the product, making the DobleAlto range a new option for packaging aimed at different market segments.


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