Estrella Damm begins the tests for the elimination of plastic rings

April 29th 2019

Dam, within the framework of the development of its Strategic Plan 2017-2021, is working on the removal of plastic rings used to join the packs of their cans with the implementation of a new packaging system made with totally biodegradable materials.
The company is conducting a trial with Estrella Damm, which will soon allow the arrival of the first free plastic ring packs to some supermarkets. The new format for grouping cans is being carried out using the LatCub® system of alzamora, which allows the cans to be grouped with 100% biodegradable cardboard packaging, made with 100% natural fibers from sustainably and responsibly managed trees that have the FSC seal. This certificate guarantees the consumer that the products come from forests used in a rational way, in accordance with international standards that consider environmental, social and economic aspects.
If Damm achieves the expected success, the system will be applied to the entire production of cans of the company, allowing the elimination of 100% of the plastic rings used for the grouping of cans of all Damm brands. This fact would mean the reduction of more than 260 tons of plastic per year, the equivalent of almost 89 million units of plastic rings.

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