Estrella Galicia, certified zero waste

June 17th, 2024

Estrella Galicia

the factory Estrella Galicia Located in the industrial estate of A Grela, A Coruña, has reached a new milestone in its process of minimizing the environmental impact of its activity. After its “zero emissions”, comes “zero waste”, a great step forward that has received the certification 'From Waste to Resources: Zero to Landfill' by Saica Natur and TÜV SÜD. This environmental seal accredits a percentage of reuse, recycling or valuation equal to or greater than 95% of all waste generated during its activity.

The company exceeded the established minimum threshold, thanks to a valorization of its factory surpluses through circularity systems with suppliers and the recycling of various materials such as glass, paper, cardboard or plastic. During the study of its waste management, Estrella Galicia exceeded the measurement parameters established by Saica Natur, demonstrating the traceability of its waste or its segregation at source.

“The daily life of all the nonconformists who are part of Hijos de Rivera involves promoting a positive impact on our environment and with our allies. There is a real commitment on our part with suppliers and other interest groups to promote circular management, with a very clear final objective of minimizing the environmental impact of the Corporation in the development of its activities," he declared. Emiliano Barelli, Director of Environmental Sustainability at Hijos de Rivera.

The good figures obtained during the audit process are the result of the corporation's commitment to sustainable management. The company encourages the reuse and recycling of materials used in line with its circular management model and is immersed in a constant search for new ways to reduce or eliminate the generation of waste associated with its production process.

Similarly, Hijos de Rivera revalues ​​100% of the by-products obtained during beer brewing, mainly bagasse and yeast. Some of the different initiatives with which the corporation avoids waste are marketing it in the form of food for local livestock farms or the ImpacTaste platform, created to innovate in the food industry by seeking new ways of valorization.

Hijos de Rivera also involves its allies and consumers in reducing waste. For example, he uses recycled materials to manufacture his packaging, which he encourages to reuse and recycle once its useful life is over, thus continuing the chain of circularity. It is also committed to new packaging formats such as NoPack, which reduces the packaging of its can packs to a minimum by joining them with glue points.

These and other initiatives, framed within the Hijos de Rivera Positive Impact strategy, arise as the company's response to its commitment to leaving a mark and not waste. The Corporation, which is part of the B Corp movement thanks to shared values, is clearly committed to promoting among its allies a commitment to the circular economy and to establishing a culture of care for natural ecosystems.

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