Cryogenic label for frozen drugs

February 2th 2022

Schreiner MediPharm

Schreiner MediPharm has developed the Freeze-Lock cryogenic label, a new marking label that features two layers of interlocking labels for reliable adhesion to a container, from storage and transportation to patient medication administration.

To ensure the efficacy of cell and gene therapies, drugs they must be processed, stored, and transported at extreme sub-zero temperatures, posing a challenge in marking the labels that must be applied to the containers of these drugs at extremely low temperatures. Conventional labels often lose their adhesive strength and important product information can be lost as a result.

The new Freeze-Lock tag consists of two components: a bottom tag and a top tag. The bottom layer of the label with a special micro-fine surface texture is applied to the empty non-refrigerated container at room temperature. The container is then filled with the active ingredient and immediately cooled for storage at sub-zero temperatures of dry ice (-78°C) or liquid nitrogen (-196°C). To mark the frozen package, it is removed from cold storage. The top layer of the label is placed over it and pressed firmly against the bottom label; it is not necessary to remove a possible layer of ice. The ultra-freezing adhesive on the top label blends with the texture of the bottom label and freezes in seconds. This results in a permanent bond between the label construction and the container that can be re-stored and shipped frozen.

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