High speed wraparound labeling for the healthcare sector

22th September 2021

Herma labeller

With wraparound labeling of up to 400 products per minute, Herma 132M HC labeller it is optimized for a particularly high cycle speed. It is designed primarily for pharmaceutical products round, like glass vials.

Also included are measures to optimize overall equipment efficiency, such as innovative rotary tables, electronic position indicators, and tool-free interchangeable form sets for quick size changes, as well as the operation of the entire machine, including camera and printer, via an Industrial Panel PC (IPC), for the first time via a single monitor. Therefore, the operator no longer needs to configure and operate the machine and its components through multiple panels.

In addition, the labeler already has a complete pharmaceutical equipment on board, including a selection of various printing and control systems, an automatic label return with cross-checking, making the rejection of proven deficient labels particularly simple and safe. . As an alternative to the thermal transfer printer, a hot-foil printer or a laser printer can also be integrated.

Herma's newly developed rotary table has a magazine rack for full trays. Quick-change format parts allow the use of various sizes of trays and products.

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