Eva Arias designs the packaging for Señorío de Orán

July 5, 2024

Lordship of Oran

The commission of Oran Wineries for the design of packaging of this wine collection Its objective was to reflect the importance of time in relation to wine in a global way.

For the Gran Reserva, Eva Arias Graphic Studio focused on the idea of ​​Einstein's Theory: “a single moment at a time is absolutely present and that moment keeps changing, as if a light bulb were moving over it.”

Transferred to the world of wine, it would be the moment of tasting, when you leave everything else aside to focus on those sensations that are happening.

In the case of the Reserve, the concept on which the graph is based is: “past, present and future exist simultaneously, but in different dimensions.”

Associating it with the wine, past (production process), present (moment of purchase) and future (projection of who I will share it with) come together in the moment you have the bottle in your hand.

For Crianza, they were inspired by this idea: “time can dilate and pass at different rates for different observers.”

In the world of wine it is the same, there are processes that seem instantaneous and others that seem to take place over time.

The three wines in the Señorío de Orán range are an invitation to stop, to take some time to disconnect from the world and focus on the here and now. This concept is reflected in the Latin expression “Hic et Nunc” (Here and Now), present in the design, underlining the importance of living the present moment fully.

Winning project of the national ARCAPACK Selection 2024 award for the best beverage packaging, bottle and/or label design and the international Brandor Selection 2024 award for the best packaging range design with brand value.

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