Evertis launches the Evercare™ brand in the medical packaging market

July 4, 2024

medical packaging

Evertis launch the brand Evercare™, destined to be a leading supplier of specialized and innovative medical grade sheets, designed to deliver superior performance and support regulatory compliance in the healthcare sector. Evercare draws on more than 65 years of Evertis' trusted technical expertise in developing PET and PETG sheets for regulated applications that meet sustainability criteria, and now, the rigorous requirements of the medical sector.

Evercare is part of a vertically integrated Group that offers a unique value proposition to medical clients in terms of innovation, sustainability and supply chain security. As manufacturers of packaging films, Evertis is integrated with Selenis, a premium provider of innovative copolyester resins with solutions specifically developed and certified for the medical industry, further supporting patient safety.

Hen/Stag Evercare PET and PETG solutions They offer advantages in performance and sustainability compared to other materials. Its sheets facilitate the thermoforming process, providing better mechanical and optical properties, and offering better resistance to sterilization. Manufactured in strict compliance with GMP standards and compatible with regulatory compliance needs, Evercare sheets feature declarations such as ISO10993, USP661.1, ISO11607, as well as change notification.

Gonzalo López-Oleaga, Deputy CEO of Evertis Europe, said: “This is another key milestone in the journey of our business group. As innovators and leaders in polyester-based materials, we are now positioned to encourage companies in the medical sector to achieve their objectives regarding the sustainability of their packaging, now and in the future. For Evercare, we have made large investments in operations, technology and, most importantly, GMP production backed by all the necessary certifications to serve this market.”

As in other industries, the medical packaging industry faces the challenge of sustainability. This is why Evercare's product range not only offers plug & play PET-based solutions, but also two other sustainable options: bio materials and materials with chemical recycling to include grades with up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. All of these options benefit from vertical integration with Selenis, meet the same quality and regulatory standards, and represent a great opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Casimiro Sacchetti, CSO of Evertis Américas, stated: “it is an exciting and unique offer for the medical market. The union of experience and deep technical knowledge, supported by a truly integrated and vertical operational setup, from resin production to medical grade sheet extrusion. “With Evercare’s innovative range of foils, we actively support our medical and pharmaceutical customers’ move towards safe and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.”

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