Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence team up to create 100% recyclable cosmetic packaging

20, December, 2021

Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence

Three leading manufacturers in the packaging sector, Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence, have come together to innovate in a 100% recyclable and reusable cosmetic gift packaging.

The limited edition gift kit will include 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles, carbon negative mushroom® container inserts and a metal can made from 100% materials that are endlessly recycled.

Eviosys, a leading manufacturer in the metal packaging sector, has supplied the outer metal container, a product that he has adapted to work well with the mushroom® insert and Verescence glass containers. Laetitia Durafour de Eviosys commented: “As well as adding value to cosmetic brands with high-quality printed packaging, we are always looking for sustainable alternatives to protect the products contained in our metal cans, which is why Verescence and Grown.Bio were undisputed partners. to undertake this adventure. We are excited to be able to collaborate with both of them in the design of this gift pack, combining the experience of leading companies in the sector and pioneers in sustainability to adapt traditional cosmetic products and make them more ecological ”.

Manufacturers of cosmetic gift packs often use plastic or paper inserts that are not sustainable for an infinite time. On the other hand the mushroom® container from Grown.Bio, made only with mycelium, the structure of the roots of fungi and agricultural by-product, also offers the opportunity to be used for other purposes and can be mixed with soil to re-nourish the Earth.

Jan Berbee de Grown.Bio stated: “We are committed to creating sustainable, circular protective packaging using natural, regenerative and waste materials. Our mushroom® containers have the same performance and longevity as non-regenerative options, but can biodegrade in a homemade compost or flower bed, making them part of the biological cycle. This gift pack is established as a benchmark in the reuse of products and, therefore, we are proud to supply the insert ”.

verescence, pioneer in Eco-friendly solutions for luxury glass jars, presents its new range of high-end perfumery Face, with a new standard screw neck (GPI 15 400), which allows the consumer to refill the bottle at home or in the store. The range also includes bottles in mini format for Perfume Travel (spray, roll-on), Mini Size Beauty (oil, fixing spray) and Premium Makeup (concealer, gloss, cream eyeshadow). Since September 2021, all La Collection Verescence standards have been manufactured with 20% PCR, that is, glass from local household waste collection.

Berangere Raguenet de Verescence added: “Since glass is infinitely recyclable, we wanted to create an eco-responsible gift set for the promotion of our new Cara standard range in line with the expectations of luxury brands. This collaboration with Eviosys and GrownBio allowed us to promote the most sustainable packaging options for our customers, as each component of the gift set is recyclable, reusable or compostable. We also believe that it can be a source of inspiration for brands in their quest to advance sustainability. "


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