Eviosys, a new manufacturer of steel and aluminum containers

1th September 2021

Eviosys steel and aluminum

KPS Capital Partners forms a new business upon completion of acquisition of food packaging and consumer products company Crown Holdings Inc.. in the EMEA region. Eviosys is launched today as an independent firm and becomes the largest European manufacturer of steel and aluminum food containers, with hundreds of clients both globally and regionally.

Eviosys will focus on innovative packaging solutions combining years of knowledge and leadership with a clear focus on product innovation, research and development. The sustainability is the pillar of Eviosys, which has a portfolio of products made of 100% recyclable metal substrates. The company will champion the evolution of sustainable packaging, developing solutions for its customers that help them meet their sustainability goals while protecting the planet, people and the community.

Based in Zug (Switzerland), seven design studios and three laboratories across Europe, Eviosys is a leading global supplier of metal packaging, producing food cans, metal lids, aerosol cans, and promotional packaging.

Eviosys has the largest presence in the region, with 6.300 employees at 44 plants in 17 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In 2020, Eviosys, a portfolio company of KPS Capital Partners, LP, generated revenues of € 1.900 billion.

With its strategically located facilities, Eviosys will continue its commitment to uncompromising quality, preserving products and promoting the reputations of local and international brands in more than 100 countries around the world.

Tomás López, an industry benchmark with decades of experience leading projects of this magnitude, will lead Eviosys as its new CEO. López previously served as CEO of Mivisa prior to its acquisition by Crown Holdings in 2014.

Tomás López, CEO, commented: “This is an incredibly exciting time for the packaging industry. Eviosys combines 200 years of experience preserving products and promoting brands, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. With the extensive presence of the business in EMEA, the launch of Eviosys is a real step towards change for the entire packaging industry. '

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