Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) collaborates with Shiseido's Ulé

7, June, 2022

Ule Shiseido VPI

Shiseido has recently launched Ule, its new natural skincare brand, in France. Ulé has been built on a sophisticated vision and eco-responsible of beauty, with cosmetic formulations that promote the natural beauty. This young brand needed a packaging that met its eco-responsible goals. Ulé opted for the recognized experience of Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) to make your organically sourced tapas.

Ulé chose to manufacture its containers with lightweight glass, which has a reduced carbon footprint, and its lids with material of organic origin, for which it relied on the experience of Faiveley Plast Beauty.

VPI produced all the caps for the new range, including: two capsules of different sizes for the Je suis Chill cream (15ml and 30ml capsules) and a cap for the Le beau Reset balancing floral mist. These caps are made up of two parts made of Sulapac, an alternative to plastic of organic origin created by the company of the same name. For Faiveley Plast Beauty, there were several technical challenges in producing the Ulé caps. It was necessary to control the injection and assembly of two Sulapac materials – the premium material and the barrier material – and to do so in harmony with the brand's clean and elegant design. The caps also had to meet the specifications for packaging approval, which require, on the one hand, a perfect production of the formulas (oxygen barrier) and, on the other, degradability (compostable in industrial environments).


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