Fedrigoni presents Pulp

June 23th, 2014

Pulp is a new quarterly international magazine about personalities and news from the world of paper. Pulp, conceived in Italy by Fedrigoni, has been developed by the London Eye Magazine team under the editorial supervision of John Walters and art director Simon Esterson.

Pulp will cover topics such as printing techniques, fonts, designs, graphic and editorial projects, illustrations, photographs, files, brainstorming with the people who put this into practice and all the paper they use for their projects.
The summary of the presentation number begins with an approach to the world of digital printing, through a dialogue with a series of Anglo-Saxon printers (Screaming Colors, Moo and Ripe Digital), to understand how new technologies affect their business, possible developments, the importance of paper and a selection of particularly relevant examples. The magazine continues with an interview with Rino Maccaccaro, curator of the Fedrigoni historical archive, where he began to work in 1954, without forgetting a retrospective of the world of Beppe Giacobbe's illustrations and the work of Italo Lupi in his graphic autobiography.

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