Florette, the first fresh-cut company to obtain the AENOR sustainable crop production certificate

March 14th 2022


Florette He has obtained the AENOR certificate for Sustainable Crop Production, a seal that recognizes its commitment to supply food in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. This certification places Florette as the first IV range company (fresh vegetables lavados, cut and packaged ready to eat) to get it.

By AENOR certification for Sustainable Crop Production It is guaranteed that the products meet the agro-sustainability criteria defined in the scheme and that the requirements for their identification and traceability are met during all the phases covered by the certification.

With the Sustainable Crop Production certification, AENOR seeks to contribute to two of the key actions of the European Green Deal roadmap directly related to the agri-food sector: From Farm to Fork and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, with the aim of valuing the effort of the sector to have a sustainable model over time based on good sector practices and the use of the most appropriate technology in the different phases of production.

The requirements of this certification prioritize efficiency in the use of fertilizers and amendments, avoiding the use of phytosanitary products, as well as precision agriculture. All of them are essential factors to achieve a sustainable production model that reconciles the generation of value and employment with the socioeconomic viability of the farms and respect for the environment.

Florette farm sustainably, guaranteeing food production while minimizing pressure on natural resources, by carrying out proper management and conservation of biodiversity and reducing the use of inputs that are harmful to the environment.

Martin Pita, director of the Atlantic Region, and Emilio Flamarique, director of Navarra/La Rioja, has delivered the certificate to Joaquin Diez, Head of Sustainability at Florette Ibérica.

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