Flosty presents an innovative standardized magnetic plug

23th October 2019

Flosty Standard Republic, a company specialized in premium perfumery stoppers, has developed and patented an innovative concept of a metal stopper that combines the quality of a magnetized plug with the optimization and efficiency of standard solutions.
The set consists of two pieces: a cap and an aluminum ring coupled with magnets. The cap, adaptable to all FEA 15 and neck heights, is delivered assembled with its ring and the assembly is placed on the neck of the bottle by means of a simple manual coupling. The mechanism has been developed so that the collar is locked to the neck of the bottle by friction and the cap is removed and inserted without the need for a thread or click, thanks to the force of the magnets.
This concept is marketed by Flosty Standard Republic, a group company Thesem, in a first phase with an aluminum cap model and two different ring options, with multiple customization possibilities (colors, finishes, decorations or engravings).


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