Founder launches his most historic brandy with a rejuvenated image

November 9th 2021


Founder, origin of the first spanish brandy and a benchmark since 1874, presents its Brandy Solera best known totally renovated: Founder Sherry Cask Solera.

Founder Sherry Cask Solera presents itself as the updated version of the brand's icon, in a bid to revitalize and "premium" the category after more than 40 years. A launch that will be present in important markets such as United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico or United States, plus Spain.

From the plug up to engraving with the date of birth of the wineries, or the new double label, seeks direct communication with the consumer, taking care of every detail.  In addition, the incorporation of a unit’s QR code in its packaging it allows to expand the information, promoting this approach.

According to Angel Piña, Global Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer of Founder and Emperor Distillers Spain, like everything good in life, "we had it in front of us, but we didn't value it enough." «Since Founder we are finally vindicated and putting in value a jewel that other categories, such as the best Single Malt Whiskey in the world, discovered and used for a long time, that is, to refine or end the aging process of the liquid with boots - Sherry Casks - that have previously contained wine from Jerez. These boots are unique in the world, and it is in the Marco de Jerez where the magic has to happen ».

"Owning Harveys (Harveys Bristol Cream is the world's best-selling Sherry brand according to IWSR 2020 data) gives us the ability to select the best Sherry Casks to refine our best Founder brandies," he adds.

With the aim of exciting the consumer through innovation and a new way of consumption, Founder Sherry Cask Solera has been updated being true to its essence. Thanks to its aging in Sherry Casks, boots that have contained the best Sherry wines, the brandy acquires special nuances and a sweet and smooth flavor, perfect to enjoy on its own, in a tall wine glass, and also with ice, Cola soda and a mix of lemon / orange citrus as wedges.

La Sherry Cask Collection, to which the product belongs, is made up of brandies aged in the best Sherry Casks from the oldest winery in Jerez, Bodegas Fundador. These boots are certified by the Regulatory Council of the DO

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