GA Alimentaria launches Oiliva Realfooding, a spreadable EVOO

18, July, 2022

spreadable EVOO

The Valencian group Food GA has created a spreadable extra virgin olive oil, natural and healthy. This food, made with oil from a selection of Spanish crops and patented in the Valencian Community, has been taken in its final process to the Spanish market together with the team of realfooding, led by the dietician-nutritionist Carlos Rios.

Likewise, the product is the result of the effort and a long process of research of several years, development and innovation of GA Alimentaria, which has had as its objective from the beginning to offer consumers an increasingly wide range of healthy foods.

"This launch highlights our group's commitment to the values ​​of innovation and tradition that characterize each of the projects we embark on for healthier eating in line with current consumer needs," he says. Javier Cases, CEO of GA Food.

For its part, Mark Turnes, marketing director of GA Alimentaria, has highlighted that with this spreadable EVOO "we have achieved a unique texture in the food market of such a traditional and characteristic product, without leaving behind the flavor and the Mediterranean diet", he commented. He also highlighted that it is a product on which "we have been working and improving for more than five years, which could not reach distribution at the time in Spain due to sanitary conditions, and in order to bring it to market we have worked together with the team of Realfooding”.

Oiliva Realfooding is a new way of consuming EVOO. On the one hand, the texture allows the consumer to easily work with the EVOO, making it much more manageable and homogeneous, in addition to eliminating the usual dripping of liquid oil. It also makes it possible to look for new culinary challenges and prepare dishes and recipes from a different creative perspective.

It is a Clean Label product made up of a 72%  of extra virgin olive oil and for a 100%  of natural ingredients (EVOO, shea, water and salt), making it a sustainable and healthy option.


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