Winners of the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication 2024

June 14th, 2024

ADG Laus Awards

Photo: Packaging Category Award Winners. La Association of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, ADG-FAD, held the Nit ADG Laus, the great event in which the ADG Laus Awards of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, on Wednesday, June 12. Convened since 1964, these awards reach their 54th edition this year with more than 1.400 projects presented. In total, 336 projects have been awarded, distributed as follows: 41 Gold Laus – including a Young Talent –, 85 Silver Laus and 210 Bronze Laus.

During the Night ADG Laus, held at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, ​​the honorary recognitions of the ADG Laus Awards, the Laus of Honor and the Laus of Companies and Entities were also given, which went to the designer Enric Satué and Vina Viniteca respectively.

The ADG Laus Awards

There are eight categories of the ADG Laus Awards: Editorial and art direction, Packaging, Branding, Aporta, Graphic communication and advertising, Audiovisual, Digital and Students. In each category, projects compete to obtain the Bronze Laus, Silver Laus and Gold Laus. Those awarded with a Gold Laus in each category can win a Grand Laus and, in the case of students, a Young Talent . This year the juries have not highlighted any project with a Grand Laus among those awarded Gold because they did not reach unanimity in the votes. In this year's edition, 41 proposals have been selected with a Golden Laus among all categories.

The Bakoom studio takes two Golds for the Latent Festival from Terrassa, in the categories of Graphic Communication and Advertising, and in Digital for breaking with the graphic line expected of a design festival and giving value to the complicity, proximity and resilience of a space in extinction.

In the Graphic Communication and Advertising category, the Golden Laus also stands out for two projects that are very identifiable with their territories, Palouzié Studio for the design of the campaign of the National Day of Catalonia 2023, from the Generalitat of Catalonia, and the Valencian studio Democràcia, for the graphic image of the failures 2023 for the Valencia City Council.

On the other hand, in the Editorial and art direction category, the two Golds that the studio wins stand out Albert Romagosa for two very different works: the book of the 50 years of Muebles 114 and the graphics for the Tallers Oberts BCN festival.

In the Audiovisual category, the Golden Laus stands out for the “Chess + Couple” project, for the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, from the China agency, a surreal tribute to the global impact of Hitchcock's work.

En Packaging, the jury wanted to highlight the work of Ona Studio to Anchovies Agur, which proposes to differentiate its packaging from those of its competitors through the color and texture of a high relief.

Finally, the Laus Young Talent, aimed at students, is for the wine brand creation project Divine, by Víctor García Gutiérrez, from the Escola Universitària de les Arts ERAM – UdG, where design is understood as a tool for transformation in specific contexts and environments, and can become the voice of a territory.

Category Packaging

Jury: Beatriz Suárez López, Isabel Cabello, Javier Garduño, Borja Garmendia and Xavier Roca

Project: Dalston Coffee.
Studio: Studio Ingrid Picanyol.
Client: Dalston Coffee

It is a Barcelona cafe that takes its name from the Dalston neighborhood of London where 6 years ago Borja Roselló made the transition from cooking to specialty coffee. He commissions the Ingrid Picanyol studio to redesign the pack that connects with the project's reason for being. Starting from the particular brick buildings and shops with colored awnings, the coffee boxes are houses inhabited by a diverse community that tries to turn a small shop in the Raval into the authentic neighborhood of London

Project: Agur.
Studio: Ona Studio.
Client: Anchovies Agur.

The briefing was to create a quality packaging that would differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors on a shelf and that would safeguard the integrity of the inner packaging although perfectly stackable. Ona Studio proposes using the logo and color as the main call to consumer attention, and differentiating it through color in this type of products. It is printed on a high relief in reference to the jambs of the Basque farmhouses.

Project: Eukarya / Lluc Crusellas.
Studio: Zoo Studio.
Client: Eukaria.

To create the packaging for Eukaria products, Lluc Crusellas asks Zoo Studio to highlight the artisan, innovative and creative quality of the product. Eukarya is a name based on eukaryotic cells; They are inspired by this multicellular organism to give the packaging different functions and styles for each element and end up creating a genuine, recognizable whole with its own character.

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