Winners of the ADI Awards 2018

June 20th, 2018

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. ADI Awards 2018, organized by the Industrial Design Association ADI-FAD, bring together the main recognitions in industrial and product design in Spain: the Delta Awards, for industrial design professionals and companies, awarded since 1961; the ADI Medals, for students of product design, awarded since 1976; and the ADI Culture Awards, for projects that promote and enhance the culture of design.

The delivery of the 2018 ADI Awards closed the Barcelona Design Week program, organized by the FAD and BCD.

In its 39th edition, the Delta Awards, to which 85 projects were nominated, have been divided into five categories: Products for people, Products for the interior habitat, Products for the exterior habitat, Products for mobility and International design. The jury, made up of Luca Nichetto, designer and founder of the interdisciplinary studio Nichettostudio; Isabel Lopez, interior designer; Anna Cybulska, director of communication and interior design at IKEA Spain; Pepe García, product designer and founder of the Culdesac studio, and Joan Forrellad, vice president of design and marketing at Jané, have awarded 5 Gold Deltas and 10 Silver Deltas.

Delta Awards

Products for people.

Delta de Oro. Project: Melic, kangaroo method. Design: Maria Vayreda Duran. Company: Lamardebé, Tetex Canarias SA. Therapeutic baby carrier, for premature babies, of low weight or those with delicate health.

Silver Delta. Project: Enna cycle. Design: Ernest Perera Design Studio. Company: EcareYou Innovation SL. Menstrual cup. It stands out for two new elements: an applicator (own patent) and a sterilizer box.

Silver Delta. Project: UDX. Design: Nacar Design. Company: Nicolás Correa SA.

Products for the interior habitat.

Delta de Oro. Project: Tekiò. Design: Anthony Dickens. Company: Santa & Cole.

Silver Delta. Project: Bridge Collection. Design: Oriol Guimerà, Joan Cinca. Company: Fontini.

Silver Delta. Project: Pointer. Design: Rubén Saldaña. Company: Arkoslight.

Special mention. Project: Cat. Design: Miguel Milá, Gonzalo Milá. Company: Expormim.

Products for the outdoor habitat.

Delta de Oro. Project: Clover. Design: Gerard Arqué. Company: Escofet 1886. Botanical-inspired exterior and interior flooring.

Silver Delta. Project: Rai. Design: Olga Tarrasó, Julià Espinas. Company: Santa & Cole.

Silver Delta. Project: Toledo Aire. Design: Jorge Pensi. Company: Resol.

Products for mobility.

Delta de Oro. Project: oh_24. Design: Study oh! _Bike. Company: oh! _Bike Factoria.

Silver Delta. Project: Volta bcn 2017. Design: Ànima Barcelona. Company: Volta Motorbike

Silver Delta. Project: Dragonfly. Design: Jordi Milà (Studio). Company: Mecatecno.

International design.

Delta de Oro. Project: Palco Low Voltage. Design: Artec3 Studio. Company: iGuzzini illuminazione.

Silver Delta. Project: Handy Bowl & Colander Set. Design: Emiliana Design Studio (Ana Mir, Emili Padrós). Company: Ekobo.

Silver Delta. Project: Multi Bottle Opener Hello Functionals. Design: Jordi Pla. Company: WMF.

Delta Opinion Award: Project: Landscape. Design: Emiliana Design Studio (Ana Mir, Emili Padrós). Company: Figueras International Seating.

ADI Medals Awards 2018

ADI Gold Medal. Project: Minial. Design: Mireia Mesalles López. School: ESDi Escola Superior i Disseny. Tutor: Guiu Llusà.

Silver ADI Medal. Project: Melit. Design: Adrià Margall Planella. School: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona.

ADI Bronze Medal. Project: Without. Design: Marta Torrentó i Serra. School: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona.Tutor: Raquel Llaberia.

ADI Special Mention Medal. Project :: AUX !. Design: Inés Antón Losada. School: ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona. Tutor: Josep Puig i Cabezas.

ADI Opinion Medal. Project: KIN. Design: Miguel Ángel Amengual Perelló. School: ESDAP Catalunya. Campus Llotja. Tutor: Guillem Ferran.

ADI Culture Awards 2018

ADI Culture Project Award (ex aequo) Project: Humanium Metal by IM. Responsible: Peter Brune, Miguel A. Barreiro, Simon Marke Gran, Johan Pihl, Humanium Metal. It is the first supply chain to distribute metal that comes from destroyed firearms for commercial production. Project: Topografies del sensellarisme. Responsible parties: Daniel Cid, Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats, Arrels Fundació.

Mention ADI Culture Project. Project :: GRIGRI Pixel. Responsible: Susana Moliner Delgado.

ADI Culture Trajectory Award 2018. Trajectory: Editorial Gustavo Gili.

Special mention ADI Culture. Career: Anna Calvera, design theorist, historian and academic reference.

ADI Culture of Opinion Award. Project: Llums de nadal Raval Km0. Responsible parties: Curro Claret, Maria Güell. Impulsen SCCL, Tot Raval Foundation.

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