Winners of the Arcapack Packaging Design Awards

May 31th 2024


The jury of the ARCAPACK Awards has awarded 7 ARCAPACK Gold seals. The winning works have direct and free access to the international packaging award Latampack, the highest international recognition for packaging for Spanish markets.

The winning works of the seal ARCAPACK Gold

ARCAPACK Award for the best Beverage packaging, bottle and/or label design

The Bird Whisperer – by IRÜBI creative studio

Alfredo, the winegrower, guardian of the birds. He lovingly cared for them, providing them with water, food, and a place to rest. In his honor, Vitisost creates a wine that pays tribute to his legacy. The birdhouse is more than an image; It is die-cut both outside and inside, symbolizing the closeness and protection that Alfredo offered to his little friends. The texture of the wood is achieved with a dry knock, which adds friendliness to the touch. The bottles are labeled by hand. Each bird that flies through the glass is in a different position, making each bottle unique, like each of the moments that Alfredo shared with his winged friends.

ARCAPACK Award for the best Food packaging and ARCAPACK Award for the best luxury packaging “Premium Pack”

Hispamare Collection – by Kimau Studio for Hispamare in Almeria

Hispamare Collection is a sublime expression of elegance that captures the essence of the sea in every detail so that its unique products look like authentic jewels of the sea. Its Altamar collection makes up the most select assortment with a total of nine products in which you can appreciate the delicacy of the weaves that imitate the natural textures and characteristic colors of each seafood, turning them into a marine treasure. Selected by chef Martín Berasategui (12 Michelin stars), this collection aims to make the most exclusive products available to the final consumer and guarantee their excellence through design.

ARCAPACK Award for the best Pharmacy and Parapharmacy packaging

EVAX pocket – by Marco Arroyo-Vazquez for ELISAVA in Barcelona

Emergency minikit that aims to normalize the rule, by creating comfy packaging, which is another fashion accessory. Concept: “under control”. Naming: Evax pocket, refers to “pocket”, something small, comfortable, where you can carry the essentials. Product: made of vegetable leather, being more durable, ergonomic and friendly than animal leather.​​​​​​​​ The packaging size is 10x10cm, containing 2 pads and 2 tampons. Both the tampons and the pads are made with 100% organic cotton. This material was chosen to provide greater softness and breathability and for its eco-friendly connotation.

ARCAPACK Award for the best packaging of Beauty and Perfumery products

iO Youth Oils – by Sensitive | for creative skins only for Vianoleo in Extremadura

iO Youth was created to offer a range of oils with high concentrations of nutrients, polyphenols and vitamins that, taken in small doses and regularly, naturally help the body combat oxidative stress and other degenerative processes linked to age. Packaging inspired by medicinal and cosmetic products has been designed. This collection of bottles is reminiscent of ancient apothecaries with an updated touch, with their corresponding custom-designed containers, which are differentiated through the representative color of each of its characteristic components, highlighting the high compositional value of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (EVOO+) via elegant gold print

ARCAPACK Award for the best “ecofriendly” packaging: reduction of materials, recyclable, sustainable production, respect for the environment

Tria – by Sergio Cuartones for ANFACO in Vigo

Tría is a cardboard strip designed along the lines of ecodesign that optimizes environmental impact and material resources. It is proposed to package the product in cylindrical cans, providing a magnificent cubic capacity of space while creating distinction at the point of sale. The strip wraps the containers without any type of adhesive, since all joints occur by clipping. The blue ranges are taken from the shield of the Council of Vigo, location of the ANFACO headquarters. In the graphics, based on the Pantone universe, only two inks are used, from which a third color is obtained through their plot. Its simple and forceful forms are a call to attention in a sector traditionally with visual appeals closer to the figurative.

ARCAPACK Award for the best packaging in the Miscellany (All works that their author considers may not be included in the other categories)

    Kinder Lamp – by CASAU STUDIO for Victoria Beach in Region of Murcia

    Like every Christmas, the Victoria Playa Real Estate Group gives its buyers a box with 2 bottles of wine. They opted for a circular economy, which is why they gave that box of wine bottles a second use and turned it into a portable lamp with surprise messages. When this lamp is turned on, you can read, at the bottom of it, the second part of the legend “but we are happy.”

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