Garcimar trusts Little Buddha

December 27th 2022


garcimar is a family business founded in 1931 with a long tradition in the fishing industry. In order to update its brand architecture and improve its image with customers, from Little Buddha a holistic process of exploration, strategy and design was worked on to express the new dimension of the brand.

The architecture exercise highlighted the need to create a second brand, an extension of Garcimar with all those products that do not come from the sea. A naming exercise was executed for the new brand: Garcimarket.

At a conceptual level and with the aim of synthesizing the essence of Garcimar and its new extension, its baseline was built: Very food Service. A lateral and notorious game capable of speaking of excellence and placing the brand in its category, accompanied by a "since 1931" to anchor origin and expertise.

It was conceptualized a design capable of establishing a relationship between brands while maintaining their differentiation: a generic color per brand, horizontal stripes for Garcimar (maritime imaginary) and vertical stripes for Garcimarket (reminiscent of the awnings of the market stalls).

At the level of the packaging, in Little Buddha simple two-color elements were worked on to facilitate the decoding that the product needed. Chromatics that help to segment by family and a sufficiently intuitive design to help in distribution.

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