Givenchy / Axilone

27, October, 2014

Axilone has created the bottle cap for the L'Atelier Givenchy range of seven perfumes

Axilone has created the bottle stopper for the L'Atelier Givenchy range of seven perfumes, inspired by the haute couture creations and emblematic fabrics of the fashion house.
An inspiration that is also found in the packaging, with the cap of the perfume bottle in the shape of a bobbin with cotton thread. Renowned for its skill in plastic molding, Axilone produced the caps for this luxurious collection in its factories in Brittany. Made in smoked black colored Surlyn, the hexagonal cap is covered with a thin sheet of black lacquered zamak, on which the brand's logo is engraved, with a PCTA ring decorated with a different colored thread for each perfume.


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