GPA Global manufactures two sliding bookend cases for Bunnahabhain

3, May, 2022


The team Overall GPA collaborated with the distillery Bunnahabhain to produce two cases presentation sliders for two whiskeys aged super premium malt: 25-Year-Old and 30-Year-Old, the 25-year-old and the 30-year-old.

The summary of this project was a locking bookends that slides from an outer sleeve. The customer's main concern was to perfect the locking mechanism, ensuring that the bottle stayed in place during transit. GPA Global used the same construction in both packs: an inner MDF bookend and an outer gray cardboard sleeve. The inner bookend that holds the bottle is the same in both packs, sporting a matte-finish black wood veneer with subtle engraved details, as well as EVA pads at the base to support the bottom of the bottle.

The outer sleeve for 25-Year-Old uses two styles of premium paper in gray and burgundy, and is embellished with gold foil, screen printing and embossed branding. The 30-Year-Old uses a similar approach and embellishments, but with a blue and black color scheme. The most noticeable difference is the embossed PU wrap around the bottom, which enhances the luxurious look and feel. The finishing touch for both is the locking mechanism at the top of the bookend. With a quick twist, the user can unscrew the lock and get the whiskey out.


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