Graphispag demonstrates how to create unique objects and spaces through printing

March 20th 2017

The possibilities of creating unique products and spaces thanks to printing are endless as you will show graphispag from tomorrow, March 21, until the 24th, at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue.

Organized by Fira de Barcelona In collaboration with Graphispack Association, the show will put manufacturers and suppliers of graphic technology and printing media in contact with graphic arts companies and graphic and visual communication services, as well as with professionals from other sectors demanding printed products. In the stands area, Graphispag will bring together 350 brands of graphic technology, software, supports and materials.

Graphispag will open in the middle of the fair a showroom called Graphispag Live with all kinds of samples of finished graphic products to present real cases of how printing is applied in new sectors, with special emphasis on the publishing world, textiles, packaging, interior design and retail.

Thus, in Graphispag Live several areas will be recreated through which visitors can take guided thematic tours to learn about the techniques and materials used in the printing of the different objects and spaces on display. You will be able to enter a bookstore, a sports and gift shop, a hotel reception, a supermarket and a bar, all of them full of graphic products and decorated with surfaces and pieces printed with different technologies.

There will be printing applied on containers made of different materials; cardboard boxes; smart tags; POS exhibitors; furniture; lettering; lenticular shop windows; posters; light boxes; displays; tarps; picture; curtains; Mirrors; accessories; pavements; carpets; carpets; ceramics; tiles; wallpapers; technical clothing; fashion; textile printing; soft signage; exterior tarpaulins; examples of functional and 3D printing; books; newspapers; journals; catalogs and commercial brochures; stationery, etc.

At the same time, at Graphispag Live there will be a score of demonstrations and workshops to see how technology works and how materials behave. You will be able to know the process of printing vinyl, interior decoration, creation of holograms, printing of digital quality serigraphs in 15 minutes, immediate customization of gift products at the point of sale or functional printing applications, among other products.

In addition, Graphispag Live will host more than 30 lectures by experts in which successful cases of printing in packaging, retail, textile or publishing will be presented, technological innovations will be explained and aspects related to the management of the industry's business will be discussed. graphics and new applications.

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