Ardagh Group, pioneers in applying new bas-relief stamping techniques for aerosols

December 20th 2012

The metal packaging plant of the Ardagh Group in Reus, Tarragona, has developed a tailored technology. This recent innovation has led to aerosol can embossing capabilities for two different brands: Montana's “Hardcore” graffiti paint, as well as an innovative 3-piece tin can for Carolina Herrera's 212 fragrances.
Starting from a tin aerosol can and an original design created by the Carolina Herrera Design Team of Antonio Puig, SA, Ardagh's engineering team developed a high-quality bas-relief feature applied to the body of the can to achieve both a stylish and distinctive look. This stamping feature complements the subtle color in the décor and a clear cap highlights the reflective dome and matching actuator valve.

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