Docuworld Packaging Group acquires Gaez

9, December, 2021

DocuWorld acquires Gaez

Continuing with the implementation of its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, Docuworld Packaging Group acquires Gaez to the Valls Group. Gaez is a company located in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), a leader in the printing of labels and cases for the cosmetics and perfumery sectors, with a turnover of more than 10M and 95 employees.

This acquisition joins the rest of the Docuworld Packaging Group companies:

Universal Printing, specialized in security documents. 

Pharma Prospect, specialized in printing leaflets for laboratories. 

Eman, specialized in pharmacy cases, gourmet food, beverages and liquors.

Drimpak, specialized in cosmetic and perfumery cases. 

Nde, specialized in industrial, sanitary, beverage and food labels.

To review, specialized in labels for laboratories, cosmetics and hygiene.

Jose Ramon Benito, President of the DocuWorld Group affirms that “we are currently seeing how foreign investors are making many purchases of companies in Spain. DocuWorld wants to respond with a clear vision, to lead the market and try to change that trend together with other national groups, because we have large companies with enough leadership to do so ”.

Ricardo Sempere, General Manager of the Packaging division, states that “this operation makes strategic sense for the group and reinforces the focus on value creation, promoting sustainability and technological innovation, because this will be critical in the future and will guarantee success long term".


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