Grupo GP launches its most competitive project

January 12, 2015

After 22 years growing in display solutions at the point of sale, investing in new production and manufacturing formulas and multidisciplinary human resources, Grupo GP, specialists in comprehensive signage at the point of sale, with different locations in Spain, Italy and Portugal begins the year with a new project.

As a result of a renewal in its structure and a new investment in machinery and infrastructure, 2015 is presented for this organization with an exponential increase in its competitiveness.
According to Alberto Camina, CEO of Grupo GP: “For many years, we have had to meet the requests of our customers through imports”, initially from factories located in Europe and later in others located in the Asian market.
Now, after a few years of constant investment and after the last sections incorporated into the company such as injection and extrusion, Camina assures, “we are prepared to offer our best version, even more competitive prices on standard products throughout the year. , with the best service, as we continue to increase our national and international presence ”.
On the other hand, they continue to carry out tailor-made projects for brands, manufacturers and the retail sector, as the team of designers, creatives, and technical staff continues to grow. This is where their Top Smart Saving project was born, a selection of standard products that they already manufacture and offer at reduced prices. "Our intention is for this selection of products to increase as we will continue to look outside the organization, and working towards the needs of our customers and their markets," says Alberto Camina.

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