Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Os Gemelos

10, March, 2014

Limited edition of Hennessy Very Special created by Os Gemeos

Limited edition of Hennessy Very Special created by Os Gemeos, Brazilian street art stars who have followed in the footsteps of other renowned artists, such as Futura and Kaws, who have already made the previous limited editions of Very Special.
All of Os Gemeos' work is inspired by the colors of Sao Paolo, his hometown. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, identical twins, began their careers as graffiti artists in the 80s on the streets of Sao Paulo. Brazilian artists are deeply rooted in Sao Paolo, a city in which they continue to live and which they describe as “a metropolis full of contrasts”. The work of Brazilian artists would not be what it is today without understanding the importance of Sao Paulo for them, their roots, in the same way that Hennessy would not be the Maison it is without the heritage acquired in the Cognac Region.
For Os Gemeos, the creation of the Hennessy Very Special bottle label describes a happy and colorful landscape where everything is connected. They found their inspiration in the history of Hennessy and the importance of the art of assemblage to the House. The label must be interpreted by each spectator who admires it, giving it a meaning under the sensitivity of each one.


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