Hero Spain celebrates 100 years of history and acquires 14 commitments

19, April, 2022

Hero Spain celebrates 100 years

Hero Spain celebrates 100 years of history in Spain, since its landing in the region of Murcia on January 20, 1922. The company has acquired 14 commitments with which to continue growing and improving.

Hero Spain, which began as a mere export factory of fruits and vegetables from the Murcian orchard for its headquarters in Switzerland, currently operates as the main hub of the infant food category for the Hero Group.

For, Javier Urunuela, general director of Hero Europa Sur, «since our foundation one hundred years ago, in Hero Spain we have become a fundamental piece for the Group. We promote innovation and scientific development, and we have the largest factory in the Group, with which we supply our country and countries around the world. In just one year, we managed to export 25.000 kg of fruit and vegetables." As Uruñuela explains, “this has only been possible thanks to the effort and entrepreneurial spirit of the people who are and have been part of Hero in Spain. Just as we dared to make the leap to baby food in the 80s and today we are market leaders with Hero Baby, in the future we will continue working towards innovation, identifying new business opportunities in which we can grow both in the national market as in the neighboring countries for which we manufacture from Spain».

Now, to celebrate its centenary, Hero Spain has acquired 14 commitments that ratify the company's commitment to being increasingly responsible and respectful of the environment in which it operates, to develop increasingly natural foods with clean labels.

Commitments related to its position as responsible business, how to continue betting on the best talent and caring for people through training, development, diversity, well-being and conciliation; keep your commitment to the local economy betting on employees, suppliers, social organizations and educational institutions belonging to their environment; be a climate positive company, giving back to the planet more than what nature itself contributes to the company; yContinue to maintain and build lasting relationships with farmers.

And also commitments around the quality and elaboration of its products. This 2022 the company goes a step further, establishing specific commitments that allow them to continue being a benchmark of quality and naturalness with their products. For example, committing to continue having the Hero Baby Quality controls and that they are more exhaustive than what the regulations require; that all its jars continue to be made with only the best raw materials; since only natural ingredients and no additives will be used in them. Or that in their seasonal jams fruit of Spanish origin is prioritized, picking the fruit only when its optimal time.

Discover here the Commitment for the next 100 years by Hero.


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