HP sets a new standard in digital printing

April 25th 2024


At Dscoop Edge, HP unveiled the latest range of HP digital printing presses and intelligent solutions designed to address today's production challenges in the commercial printing, label and packaging sectors.

“We are committed to driving profitable and sustainable growth for our customers,” said Haim Levit, SVP and Division President, HP Industrial Print. “Our LEP, LEPx and inkjet technologies have improved in terms of quality, versatility, productivity, and sustainability, and our commitment and investment in continuous innovation has allowed more than 8.000 printers to expand their businesses and grow significantly. sustainable. “HP has been a leader in digital transformation for more than 30 years, and our digital printing technology has set the standard in commercial printing and label and packaging production.”

La HP Indigo 120K digital press sets a new standard for high-volume production and automation, while allowing printers to move jobs from analog to digital more intuitively and economically to meet demanding customer needs. By optimizing production floors by combining analog and digital technologies, the HP Indigo 120K reduces human touch points and enables the operation of multiple presses with a single operator. The new press offers offset-like image quality, flexible job routing between offset and digital, and an ECO mode option that reduces the press's carbon footprint by 11% supporting sustainability goals.

HP is also introducing the HP Indigo 120K and 18K digital presses, as well as new enhancements to the HP PageWide portfolio to solve production challenges and create growth opportunities for the printing industry and an innovative approach to security digital printing with new HP Indigo 7K secure digital press.

Smart manufacturing plants

HP is defining the industrial approach to automation through AI and robotics, launching a comprehensive print production automation ecosystem. Specific efficiency innovations include:

  • PrintOS Production Beat support for analog printing and finishing equipment, to allow customers to monitor their entire production plant, not just the HP presses, capturing real-time data from analog equipment and digitizing all production.
  • Indigo PQ Maestro, an intelligent assistant at the beginning of the day so that the press achieves its best performance.
  • Preflight, an AI-based decision-making tool that automatically predicts the suitability of the most suitable printing mode by learning customer preferences.
  • AAA 2.0 (Auto Alert Agent) advanced, a machine learning algorithm that increases print productivity without intervention[vi] human

Finally, HP presents the autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in collaboration with MoviĜo Robotics. to automate media transfer, saving up to two hours per day per press. 

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