HP Introduces New PageWide Web Presses

14th September 2015

Today at Graph Expo 2015, HP unveiled the first HP PageWide Web Press optimized with High Definition Nozzle (HDNA) architecture and the HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press, providing better image quality, higher productivity and more application options to vendors. printing services (PSPs).
The new portfolio of HP PageWide Web Presses, formerly under the HP Inkjet Web Presses brand, has been developed using proven HP PageWide technology, bringing new levels of performance to HP's consumer, business and graphics printing platforms. The two new 42-inch inkjet web presses, the HP PageWide T480 HD and T470 HD, incorporate HDNA technology and offer better print quality with the pioneering dual-drop-weight architecture, 2.400 nozzles per inch and built-in nozzle redundancy. .
The Graph Expo 15 MUST SEE 'EMS Award-winning HDNA production ink printhead technology is designed to provide better print quality and to address a broad spectrum of high-value applications. The new HP PageWide Web Press T480 HD and T470 HD solutions open new opportunities in applications for the publishing industry, direct mailing and general commercial applications, including professional color publications, medical journals, posters and banners up to 108 inches in length, as well as high-quality brochures and catalogs.
These high-capacity inkjet presses feature a new quality feature that enables dual drop weights for each color to achieve sharp text, fine lines, accurate skin tones, smooth gray and color transitions, as well as enhancements to detail in chiaroscuro, all at speeds of up to 400 feet per minute / fpm (122 meters per minute). Additionally, new performance features offer speeds of up to 800 fpm (244 meters per minute) (1) and 600 fpm (183 meters per minute) (2) using single-drop weights.
Rotomail Italia SpA, one of the largest color digital print-on-demand companies in Europe, will be the first in the world to install the HP PageWide T480 HD web press at its facilities in Milan.

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