I Meeting of women, packaging and innovation

July 15, 2019

La Spanish Technological Platform for Container and Packaging - Packnet has organized the “I Women, Packaging and Innovation Meeting”, With the intention of analyzing the current situation of innovation in the Spanish packaging sector, from the perspective of women in industry and in research. It focused on the profile of women who hold managerial positions in companies, technology centers, business associations, universities, etc. in order to better understand the role played by women in this sector and what aspects can be improved. Its purpose was to be able to set up a collaborative network between women in the sector, helping each other and promoting the development of all its members.
The Meeting began with the welcome to all the assistants in charge of Belén García, director of Packnet. The guest speaker was Mª Luisa de Contes, General Secretary of Renault Spain, Director of CSR and the Renault Foundation for Sustainable Mobility, and President of the Association of Hispano-French Friendship Women Avenir, who shared various aspects of her long national career and international in the business, associative and cultural world.

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