III Edition of the IPA awards

November 30th 2016

La III Edition of the IPA Awards It has received more than 80 applications from more than 50 different companies, both national and foreign, such as Italy, Portugal, Hong Kong and Finland.
The IPA Awards are sponsored by Derprose and organized by the multinational Easyfairs. On this occasion, the jury has awarded 8 IPA Awards Gold and 13 IPA Selection mentions. The award ceremony was held on November 24 in Madrid, within the framework of the fair Packaging Innovations, in the Conference Room sponsored by Milacron.

The winners are:

I. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN DRINK PACKAGING: IPA Oro: Vermúdez, from Puigdemont Roca. IPA Selection: Nox, from Rotas Ibérica. IPA Selection: Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé “The last jewel of the winery”, from Verallia.

II. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN FOOD PACKAGING: IPA Gold: Nixe, the canned food revolution, from Vibranding. IPA Selección: Packaging design for a new range of sauces, by Delamata Design. IPA Selection: Trío burgo de Arias, from ITC Packaging.

III. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN PERFUMERY / COSMETIC PACKAGING: IPA Gold: Good Girl, by Alglass. IPA Selection: Marmota code Profumo, First Line Visual. IPA Selection: Veckia redesign, by Tridimage for El Corte Inglés.

IV. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN MISCELLANEOUS PACKAGING category: Gold IPA: Rapid-LANBIN, by Cartonajes Lantegi. IPA Selection: Ksix: a high impact technological brand, from Lacia.

V. IPA AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN LABELS / SLEEVES: IPA Gold: Ron Barceló Añejo, from Ovelar. IPA Selection: Freebooter Rhum, from Various Graphics.

SAW. IPA AWARDS FOR INNOVATION IN POS: Gold IPA: Stick'n Glide, by MPackaging Iberia SL IPA Selection: Sensory Totem, Indigo. IPA Selection: POS 360o, by Cartonajes Lantegi. IPA Selection: Model Box, by Compac.

VII. IPA AWARD TO SUSTAINABILITY: IPA Gold: Packaging of bulky automotive parts, by Cartonajes Lantegi. IPA Selection: Auara Bottle, by Plastipak Iberia SL

VIII. IPA AWARD ESPECIAL DERPROSA: IPA Oro: Design, Edition and Printing of the Haute Couture Book, by Suministros Integrales DISTRIPAPER. IPA Selection: The smoothness in a pack, by Alzamora Packaging.

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