Imprenta Gómez: "Satisfying the demand of the sector of models and low production for packaging"

8th October 2012

Alberto Gómez and José Sepúlveda"Thanks to the Roland Versa UV LEC-330, we have been able to satisfy the demand of the model and low production sector for packaging in the Spanish territory."

In the 80s, Eduardo Gómez acquired Gráficas Homero, a letterpress printing company, which soon after changed its trade name to Imprenta Gómez. At this time they introduce offset printing machinery. In mid-2005 Jose Alberto Gómez takes over the company updating the fleet of offset machinery adapted to color control and the pre-printing department is created with the incorporation of the first “GREEN” CTP free of chemical products + testing system , the finishing department is updated with the incorporation of a UVI varnishing machine, stamping machine, etc. . "Everything necessary to be able to offer integral solutions to our clients in our facilities."

In 2011 Zeta Serveis Gràfics was born, which with the collaboration of professionals from the Packaging sector, we bet on a Roland VersaUV LEC-330, thanks to this plotter we have managed to satisfy the demand of the sector of models for packaging in the Spanish territory. This plotter allows us to create the prototype or mini production for the client, either for a showroom, exhibition, photography or the test for production. Formerly, this process was enormously expensive, which meant carrying out production, stamping, stamping, and other processes or, on the contrary, using the old proofing machines, in which we are limited to materials and finishes that only those machines could print.

Now Roland has allowed us to simulate any type of effect, high and low reliefs, stamping, volumetric varnishing, printing on polyester, plastic, Leatherette, and countless other materials. "The limit is in the imagination." Our collaborators analyze the work, and we modify the document to be able to create a folding, reproducible with current printing techniques, we can even provide a technical report that will serve as a guide for the final production of your work. company has made several product lines, Aigner, Carolina Herrera, Antonio Banderas, Cardhu and a long etc. . ., accepted by our clients, this service is aimed at any design, printing or final company that wants to control its product line.



Roland and Imprenta Gómez: A case study

After acquiring the Roland Versa UV LEC-330, Alberto Gómez and José Sepúlveda from the Imprenta Gómez printing firm can claim to be truly satisfied customers, as is plainly seen in the case study. “We've managed to satisfy demand from the model industry and low-run packaging production in Spain… /… Roland has allowed us to recreate any type of effect: high or low-relief, stamping, volume varnishing, printing on polyester, plastic , poly-leather and countless other materials, ”they confirm. In the current production year, the company has carried out several product lines for Aigner, Carolina Herrera, Cardhu, etc.

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