Ineos Styrolution and Coexpan use 100% mechanically recycled polystyrene for yogurt cups

3, October, 2022


Innotech, the open innovation center for research and development of packaging solutions for the Lantero Group, has successfully completed the tests with recycled polystyrene across the range of yogurt cups. The tests were carried out on all formats currently used in the European and American markets, using Styrolution® PS ECO 440FC MR100 material, a grade of 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene, produced from household food packaging waste. All formats for dairy products have been produced and tested in accordance with food contact regulations. 

Polystyrene is the material traditionally chosen for its excellent properties for the industrial yoghurt market known as FFS (for its acronym in English Form-fill-seal). Testing at Innotech demonstrates that mechanically recycled PS can be produced passing food contact tests in all shapes and sizes of dairy applications. According to the results, polystyrene is not only the best material for dairy applications, but also offers the shortest path to circularity for existing applications on the market.

Gonzalo Sanchezresponsible for recycling coexpan, comments: “It is a great achievement to be able to confirm the success of this exercise, and the results speak for themselves. Many major consumer brand owners want the polystyrene journey to continue, and now we have proof that mechanically recycled polystyrene offers a safe solution for your food contact applications. This will allow customers to focus on their core business rather than looking for alternative materials that require changes to existing processes and large investments in new equipment." 


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