Inka Palet develops Eco Plastic Palet advised by the Packaging Cluster

March 15th 2022

Packaging Cluster

Inka Palet, manufacturer of pallets and containers, has developed a sustainable solution for the point of sale hand in hand with strategic advice from the Packaging Cluster, experience in ecodesign and sustainable management of Oiko Design Office and the financing of Waste Agency of Catalonia.

The solution is named Eco Plastic Pallet and it is a recycled mixed pallet and cardboard box addressed to the agri-food sector and large distribution. It is made from parameters of ecodesign and with material recovered from light post-consumer packagingMost of which ended up in landfill.

All the components have their function: the recycled plastic pallet protects the product from possible incorrect handling, the cardboard box designed with recyclable material allows good protection during all transport operations and, finally, the cardboard tubes reinforce the collection vertical with quick and secure fixing

"The solution fulfills a double function: on the one hand, it is used as packaging to send goods and, on the other, as a display at the point of sale, favoring the reduction of secondary packaging for the presentation of bulk products," he explains. Michael Fontbona, president and founder of Inka Palet.

The launch of the product responds to a double objective: to identify new applications for recycled materials – giving rise to new projects – and promoting sustainable logistics, reducing CO₂ emissions thanks to the design of lighter pallets.

“Pallets are one of the most used tertiary containers in the merchandise distribution process, so this solution is a big step for the sector. We are convinced that the circular economy is an obligation, since the waste is part of the natural movement of the cycles of transport and sale of the product and it is essential to give it a second life", he stresses. Martin Font, President of the Packaging Cluster.

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