innovation in packaging and packaging: competitive advantage in transport and logistics

March 21th 2016

The technical working group of the Spanish Technological Platform of Container and Packaging - PACKNET and the Technological Platform in Integral Logistics, Intermodality and Mobility - LOGISTOP co-organized the conference entitled "Innovation in packaging and packaging: competitive advantage in transport and logistics", with the aim of publicizing the current priority research lines in the field of packaging as a lever for innovation in the transport and logistics industry, as well as the real needs of companies in the sector and the technological solutions that are already available in the market. 
This conference was the first activity arising from the recent collaboration agreement signed between PACKNET and LOGISTOP with the purpose of energizing and mobilizing the critical mass of innovation around the current challenges faced by the packaging and logistics industry. Likewise, both Technology Platforms agreed to work together in the organization of activities that promote research, innovation and technological development such as the organization of conferences, colloquia, seminars and other activities for the transfer and promotion of technology in the packaging and logistics sector. . 

The meeting was opened by Belén García, Director of PACKNET, and Jesús Póveda, Technical Manager at LOGISTOP, who highlighted the great value of the Technological Platforms for the sectors they represent and that collaboration between Platforms, seeking synergistic and complementary lines of action, is extremely positive when promoting collaborative projects between companies and research centers.

Through Carlos Franco from the Center for Industrial Technological Development - CDTI, the attendees learned about the different news and financing opportunities for R & D & i projects in the matter of the day.

The numerous attendees had the opportunity to learn about the different lines of research carried out by the Technological Institute of Aragon with the help of Alberto Capella, Logistics Technician at ITAINNOVA. The importance of packaging for logistics in eCommerce was the theme exposed in his presentation, making a clear reference to the changes suffered in the traditional supply chain with the irruption of online shopping.

A third block of the day was devoted to publicizing some technological solutions already available in the market to face the needs and challenges posed. Through Mónica Alegre and Miguel Lenggada, Commercial Director and Engineering Director at Industrias Alegre, respectively, they unveiled HybridBox, a new logistics solution to improve quality and reduce costs based on the business experience obtained from the collaboration with the automobile company Ford; Fernando Arrufat, Commercial Director at DS Smith - Tecnicarton presented the innovation model carried out by his entity and a case of success that combines the multi-material and multi-technology packaging approach through the presentation “Packaging engineering: differentiation, design and innovation ”; And finally, Manuel Díaz, Director of Operations and Logistics at Logifruit, addressed issues related to logistics modularization in his presentation.

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