Innovative packaging for premium makeup

December 10th 2012

LVMH's Givenchy brand Noir Couture mascara is the latest example of the Rexam Personal Care Group's work. Created in collaboration with the artistic director of the Givenchy brand, the new mascara showcases Rexam's skill in the injection, decoration and assembly processes. The result is a sophisticated and luxurious mascara.

The keys to success are found in the decoration elements and the treatment of the logo, created through two different processes. A delicate "4G" is etched and carefully heat sealed on top of the contoured and UV varnished lid, while the same process is used to embellish the base with the elegant "Givenchy" logo. The mascara is further decorated with the high precision alignment and hot stamping of the sparkling vertical silver strips that extend from the lid to the base. Both the cover and the base are injected in PCTA black, while the container is in black LDPE. {Jcomments on}

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