IPE, Innovations for Labels obtains the FSC and PEFC seals

17th September 2014

IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquetaje, SL, a manufacturer of quality self-adhesive labels, sleeves and other packaging materials has recently obtained FSC and PEFC certifications, which allow verifying and accrediting that the raw material of the products that IPE prints comes from managed forests in a sustainable way.

Both accreditations certify the authority to use and distribute the FSC / PEFC seals on IPE printed paper products. This certification can be verified through a unique reference that will identify IPE as a manufacturer that complies with both regulations.

Forest Certification, either through PEFC or FSC, is a mechanism that certifies that the wood used by the industry comes from sustainably managed forests capable of meeting the needs of future generations.
The Chain of Custody provides information on the path traveled by products from the forest (or, in the case of recycled materials, from the place of recycling) to the consumer, including all those successive stages of transformation, manufacturing, storage and transport in the that the move to the next link in the chain implies a change of ownership of the materials or products.
The fact that IPE, Innovaciones Para Etiquejes SL, has FSC and PEFC certifications, in addition to demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainable development, enables IPE to pass on the guarantee and commitment to the environment to its customers through the inclusion of the seal on the final label, thus informing the consumer that the products used maintain traceability or chain of custody throughout the transformation process.

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