Itene develops aroma-releasing packaging

March 4th 2019

Un aroma-releasing container is the new proposal for both food and perfumery and cosmetic products that the Technological Institute of Packaging, Transport and Logistics is working on (Itene) through the project Actiaroma, financed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Ivace) through the European Regional Development Funds (Feder).
In this project, which began in 2018 and will end in June 2019, different active packaging materials are being developed, which incorporate volatile compounds with which to intensify the intrinsic organoleptic properties of the packaged product or provide a differential added aroma.
Different encapsulating compounds have already been tested to include flavors in packaging material, through extrusion and injection processes and achieve a controlled release of aroma in microwaveable or bakeable products while they are cooked in the same package. In parallel, different formulations of coatings with aroma have been evaluated so that it is also released during cooking.

Another line in which Actiaroma is working is the development of systems for the continuous release of aroma from the container that act as olfactory marketing tools, throughout the useful life of products in the cosmetic or food sector.

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